About Us

Welcome to the mKarma Group of Companies.  The mKarma Group is a consortium of companies that are leaders in providing Entertainment, Cosmetic, Business Consulting, Educational Services, Apparel and Jewelry design services.mKarma does it all, and does it well! We bring our clients international exposure, brand recognition, business acument and insight into all of the various issues and conflits that business face. Since its inception in 1999, mKarma has become a prominent go to source for a vast array of businesses.
mKarma acts as an adviser/consultant to emerging entrepreneurs,  has assisted in guiding and navigating the products and careers of clients as diverse as educational initiatives ,jJewelry designers,  multinational developers of information technology products, Fortune 500 companies, charitable organizations, mobile fitness centers, multinational production houses, Internet service providers, advertising and public relations firms, medical device manufacturers, inventors, writers, directors and performers.
mKarma’s business advisory clients in the entertainment industry include screenwriters, producers, directors and performers across the spectrum of the industry; from world-renowned “cirque” performers, to movie production, to screenwriters, to event productions, to lyricists & composers.Today, businesses demand global vision, an in-depth understanding of customers and suppliers, demonstrated thought leadership and a consultative partnership approach to offer the highest possible returns on investment. We help businesses achieve these ends. Working closely with our customers as transformation partners and deliver and implement innovative solutions across a number of platforms.